Refrigerate is the most correct way to serve to your customers the product at ideal temperatures

Through the air-conditioning all this is not possible

Why refrigeration

Why would you buy refrigerated products?

With the refrigerating method you can refrigerate each drink and food because this process allows us to conceive systems with Positive Temperatures that you could set up from 2°C to 20°C or with Low Temperature until -20°C, for each module.

• Inside the same cabinet we are able to achieve many temperatures: positive or negative
• The refrigeration allows you to choose the best internal temperature set according to the products you want to exhibit

• The aim of the refrigeration is to reduce the temperature of a place (room, compartment, the interior of a bin) under the ambient air temperature

• The refrigerators allow to maintain unchanged the characteristics of the product
• The refrigerating system is conceived to reduce to a minimum the noise emission of the system

• Low-power, thanks to the insulation and to a control system which optimize the use of the refrigerant group

• Easy installation

Through the air-conditioning all this is not possible.

The fridge was invented and patented in the 1851 by an American researcher, John Gorrie, and his name, with a Latin origin, is composed of the words frigus=cold + fero= I bring.

The security of the foods which arrive on our table depends on the exact operation of all the cold chain.

The temperature, in order to have the best conservation for the service, must be between 10 and 18 degrees for red wines, between 6 and 8 degrees for white wines and between 8 and 10 degrees for bubbles.

The great obstacle is to be able to manufacture functional refrigerated cabinets because their construction involves the greatest competence and experience, in particular regarding custom-made and customizable products.