You can choose the customization which best fits and gets close to your needs.

It leaves room for creativity

Why custom

What are the advantages in buying customized products?

It leaves room for creativity, especially when we talk about complex structures, as the radially symmetric ones.
A standard cabinet comes from standard production, all pieces are the same, it does not suit a particular space or a niche market and it cannot be customized in different shapes and materials.

Sometimes standard cabinets do notsuit all space requirements,
therefore we need custom-built products whose prices are obviously higher but which allow us to fulfil any demand.

Customized products have always an added value compared to standardproduced items and often include the manual work of skilled craftsmen.

The idea of buying custom-built products is to have a perfect balance between design, appearance, functionality and price.

According to recent marketing research, the way in which the product is presented influences on the final choice of the customer. Smart Ice Italy has designed refrigerated customized cabinets according to the principle of space optimization, so as to produce design and functional items.

You can customize your refrigerated cabinet by replacing the production materials in order to have a finished product that satisfies your needs.

Starting from your ideas, we can support you in the creation of a suitable armoire for your location.