Integrated services

Smart Ice Italy offers a wide range of services in order to satisfy its customers in the best possible way.

Custom design

Creating a custom-made product involves extensive planning.
By drawing on the experience of our designers, we are able to manufacture cabinets with no limitations when it comes to height, depth or length.

No limits

What sets us apart from other companies is the fact that we can manufacture cabinets that are more than two metres long; we can split up the display cabinet into multiple blocks that will be put together by our specialised technicians during installation.

Visually speaking, the end result will be a single cabinet instead of having multiple cabinets placed side by side.

In this case, we suggest you rely on our technicians for assistance as it is a tricky process requiring expertise and accuracy.

Dedicated shipment

There is also the option of requesting a quote for shipping via one of our couriers with an exclusive transport service.