The advantages of custom-made products

Our company was founded on the premise of designing and manufacturing only custom-made products.

Custom-made products leave more room for creativity, in particular when complex shapes are involved that are difficult to manufacture.

By drawing on the experience gained over the years and thanks to the many moulds at its disposal, Smart Ice Italy manufactures refrigerated display cabinets of different shapes, either radiused or custom made, monobloc or split up into pieces, with varying sizes and depths.

The advantage of a custom-made product is that it can be adapted to any setting. A standard product, instead, is mass-produced, which means it cannot always be adapted to every space. In fact, it is often the case that the space itself needs to be adapted to the product.

Custom-made products always have an added value compared to mass-produced products as they are handmade by experienced craftsmen.

The whole idea behind buying custom-made products is that they ensure a perfect balance between design, appearance, functionality and price.

Therefore, Smart Ice Italy has designed custom refrigerated cabinets with space optimisation in mind so that they can become designer furnishings that are also extremely practical.

Should any difficulties arise, the custom display cabinet can be split up into several blocks and will be directly installed and tested on the premises by our company’s technicians.

Thanks to the various customisations available, we can make sure that your refrigerated cabinet is a one-of-a-kind piece of equipment by replacing one material for another so that the end product perfectly meets your requirements.

With your ideas as a starting point, we can assist you in designing a suitable cabinet for your establishment.