Expertise in the refrigeration industry

Its production flexibility and expertise in the field of refrigeration allow Smart Ice Italy to create different types of refrigeration equipment.

Thanks to our team of experienced specialised technicians, we are able to carry out one of the key stages of production, which is to insulate the frame and doors using high-density polyurethane foam.

All professional refrigerators are connected to an air-cooled or water-cooled motor (compressor) that can be installed either on board or remotely.

The refrigerant gas that is normally used, which complies with non-polluting regulations, is R452A (R449A) or other gases such as R134A.

According to our customers’ needs, the display cabinets can be equipped with two refrigeration systems:

  • STATIC refrigeration with custom copper cooling coils inserted in the back and tangential air separators at the top.

  • VENTILATED refrigeration with a ventilated evaporator placed in the technical space at the top.

Another key feature is double glazing, which is 50 mm thick and has low-emission gas inside to prevent condensation, with is used for the doors, fixed sides and internal dividers.

Our refrigerated display cabinets can have two or more internal temperatures in order to differentiate each type of product.

The internal division according to temperature is achieved by using extra-clear double glazing in order to make sure the products can be seen from all angles and to allow for more light.