Custom Refrigerated Display Cabinets and Units

Smart Ice Italy, specialist on custom products for professional refrigeration.


Smart Ice Italy is the new reality of professional tailor made refrigeration for any environment.

Custom refrigerated cabinets revolutionize the traditional concept of refrigeration. Smart Ice Italy fails to give a complete novelty for its products through the customization service: what should confine itself to be a complement linked to professional refrigeration, it becomes an aesthetic element which relates to all the other furnishings present in a room. This is the latest trend of the professional refrigeration market and Smart Ice Italy took a long time, anticipating the needs of its customers and thus becoming a point of reference for the sector.

The custom refrigerated cabinets, for example, take on a double connotation: one related to the conservation and the other to 'aesthetics. They become real pieces of design and reveal the mood of a room, the character and personality that the owner wanted to give to the local.

So the customer and their needs to play a key role because it gives shape to the project, which is then concretized by Smart Ice Italy. The tailored design and study for each product are carried out by a team of experts who are able not only to fulfill the wishes of the professional, but also to give an identity to refrigerators. These two aspects together will make up the essence of the place.

For more information on service of customization and tailored on refrigerated cabinets, visit the area OPTIONAL AND CUSTOMIZATION.

Special projects comply with CE regulations regarding environment, hygiene and safety at work) and are in accordance with HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).

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You can choose the customization which best fits and gets close to your needs.

It leaves room for creativity

You can choose the customization which best fits and gets close to your needs.