Smart Ice Italy, utmost care to every single phase.

Smart Ice Italy is the brand that designs and manufactures wine cellar, LT refrigerators for ice cream and pastry shop, custom refrigerated cabinets, refrigerated cabinets and modules made of stainless steel, custom refrigerated containers and drop-in by providing numerous options and endless possibilities for customization.

Planning & Design

To develop and implement a refrigerated product is necessary to follow the precise methods without leaving anything to the superficiality and improvisation. A project is in fact a serious and reliable set out with care in all its aspects in order to avoid such unforeseen delays, malfunctions and excessive costs. Each operational phase - the encounter with the client to process the first project idea to the installation of furniture - must be carried out with absolute precision and professionalism to ensure an excellent and lived up to expectations.

The phases of the design Smart Ice :

• Research, Smart Ice experts assess the needs , the desires , the needs of the customer and offer ;
• Development of the project, namely the simulation of the project by organizing spaces and defining all the details ;
• Execution practice, the design is done with the utmost care and attention to highlight the details and the details ;
• Installation takes place quickly and accurately to achieve a solid result and absolutely reliable .

: all Smart Ice products are designed and manufactured depending on the wishes of the customer. Customize and make tailored refrigerated products are activities that involve a high expenditure of energy and effort, which is why many companies do not offer this service.

Smart Ice Italy is one of the few brands in Italy to carry out this task and thus make possible the decor of any room.