Smart Ice Italy represents excellence in technology but also in design.

Being able to combine technology and design is the strongest point of Smart Ice Italy that has always made ​​this union a distinctive value of their projects.

Technology & Customizations

The Smart Ice Italy products are an exclusive combination of cutting-edge technologies and high quality materials. The efficiency and quality of the services are now renowned all over the national territory and have also gone beyond national borders, so that the products customized refrigerated of the company have become synonymous with warranty and reliability. Smart Ice Italy so not only limited to the design and production of equipment for public and private contexts linked to food, but also for yachts from 5 to 80 meters, and high-speed trains where the main needs is to use the space.Finally, the wide availability of molds, allows us to create different forms of refrigerated display cases, radial or custom-made, and still standing or in pieces, characterized by various sizes and depths, as well as different temperatures (positive or negative).

Among the main technological characteristics : 

- Digital thermostat Touch Screen
for chilled applications discreet, secure and functional. It has small dimensions of only 172 mm front, with 65 degree of protection against intentional or accidental contact with the human body or with an object, protected against dust and water jets. Simple and intuitive interface with direct access to the main functions. Quick and easy installation.

- Interior lighting RGB
is based on the new LED technology that allows you to change the color of the light in an original way, by mixing of the three basic colors you can customize the environment to make it independent and dynamic.

Choosing the color of the light in a uniform character to build the architecture of night that looks like light panel with low energy consumption. The shades are the most varied: from white to full color rgb version.

-Adjustament LED lights intensity
with remote control system.

- System of electronic locks
for glass doors of the cabinets

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