Smart Ice Italy guarantees maximum results combining design, quality and convenience.

The aim of Smart Ice Italy is to be recognized as a symbol, an icon of success, reliability, quality and elegance in the tailored refrigerated products design.


Nothing is taken for granted for Smart Ice Italy: total quality, reliability and product performance, accuracy and efficiency in delivery. The professional team is not limited so to realize the product, but want to satisfy the customer. For this reason, we follow entirely all phases of the design of refrigerators and ensure the assistance post-sales service. 

Addition to innovation, an additional feature of refrigerated products is the style. The unique design makes it elegant and unique decor. We can create the perfect harmony in interior design, providing excellent answers in compliance with strict timescales. Understanding the needs and desires of the customer is the first step in creating a functional and successful design. To achieve this goal, we rely on a full staff of technicians and skilled professionals who examine current trends and anticipate the guidelines of taste to propose an infinite range of aesthetic solutions in a more eco-friendly concept.

We try to create a perfect combination: design and quality, research and elegance, sustainability and respect for the environment, never forget the passion that brings us to reach new goals.We guarantee the success and quality of our products, trust us.

It distinguishes itself from other companies for the possibility to manufacture custom-built refrigerated products able to satisfy every customer’s necessity.

The original and exclusive equipment is designed according to the needs of private customers, interior designers or architects and can be entirely customized in terms of shapes and materials.

Smart Ice Italy manufactures original refrigerated products with unique details