Smart Ice Italy products offer a unique combination of cutting-edge technology and materials of the finest quality.

Our services have become well-known for their efficiency and quality all over the country and even abroad, to the extent that our custom refrigerated products have become synonymous with assurance and reliability.

The following technologies are installed in our display cabinets:

Digital temperature and humidity thermostat

These thermostats have a touch screen, and are safe and practical.
They are ideal for adjusting temperature and humidity levels.
A straightforward and user-friendly interface with direct access to the main features.
Quick and easy installation.


The active humidity control system is a key accessory for storing several types of products.
It is installed inside, out of sight, and allows you to set the right level of humidity.
In order to function properly, it needs to be connected to decalcified (softened) incoming water.

LED lighting

LED lighting is used to create a visually appealing ambience that showcases the product on display and enhances it.
It comes in various shades: from white to full colour RGB versions.
LED strip lights are resistant to UV rays and come with an opaline finish to eliminate the dot effect.
Accessories for adjusting light intensity and dimming via a remote control or for controlling it with the home automation system can be added on request.


Locks are an optional feature that Smart Ice Italy recommends for all cabinets so that they can also hold premium quality and valuable products.
This control system is designed to be used in all settings in the catering, hotel and residential sectors, as well as in yachts and cruise ships.
The available options are mechanical locks with a key, electric locks with a remote control or a magnetic card that can be used to open and close the cabinet doors.