Custom meat display cabinets

The custom meat display cabinets manufactured by Smart Ice Italy are ideal for displaying and ageing your best meats.

These refrigerated cabinets are the perfect way to showcase your best cuts of meat and tempt customers to try them.

The structure of our custom cabinets is made entirely of AISI 304 steel with extra-clear double glazing, which makes for a perfect combination.

They have LED lights that can be dimmed to adjust light intensity in order to highlight the products on display inside.

The temperature range is between +2 °C and +4 °C, with the option of adding an active humidity control system that regulates humidity from 40% to 95%, which ensures perfect ageing, allowing you to obtain incredibly tender meat with a strong flavour.

Add value to your products

Inside the refrigerated display cabinet there are steel tubes for hanging various cuts of meat, as well as horizontal shelves. The display cabinet is also equipped with a germicidal UV lamp, a valuable ally that eliminates up to 99% of bacteria, viruses, germs, moulds and allergens from any surface.

The doors of the meat display cabinets can be either hinged or sliding depending on your requirements, with the option of installing locks so that they can be accessed by service personnel.

Therefore, opting for display cabinets designed and manufactured by our company means choosing only the very best in the industry when it comes to quality and aesthetics.

Like all other Smart Ice Italy products, the meat display cabinets are also custom made and can therefore be customised to meet virtually any customer requirement with no limitations on measurements, since our extensive experience allows us to fulfil any request in terms of width, depth and height.

An eye for detail

We pay great attention to detail to make sure that each display cabinet perfectly meets your needs and reflects your taste.

Materials and finishes

With our eye for detail and by using carefully selected materials, we manufacture unique display cabinets offering outstanding performance.

The perfect temperature, in every corner.

Our built-in refrigeration system maintains the perfect temperature, with the option of having different temperature zones for all types of meat.

Completely custom made

Custom display cabinets tailored to your requirements, which perfectly blend in with your interior design.

For further details on customisation services for custom refrigerated cabinets, please see the OPTIONS AND CUSTOMISATION page.

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